Fromm Four Star Grain-Free Beef Frittata Dry Dog Food

Size: 12LB


Fromm Grain Free Beef Frittata Veg 12Lb Dry Dog Food

Fromm Familylaunched its newest recipe, Four Star Nutritionals Rancherosa. This westerninfluenced diet for dogs is set to hit retailers shelves this month.

FourStar Nutritionals Rancherosa joins a diverse menu of more than two dozen grainfree and graininclusive entres designed for variety and formulated for all life stages and styles. Rancherosas hearty blend of beef, lamb, pork and trout paired with pinto beans, peas and chickpeas offers another grainfree kibble option for pet parents.

The FourStar Nutritionals line has allowed us to continually innovate and formulate creative entres for dogs and cats rooted in premium nutrition and designed to be completely interchangeable, said Bryan Nieman, brand director at Fromm Family Foods. Rancherosa brings a unique western flair to our grainfree offerings, featuring a unique blend of proteins and delivering a savory mealtime option to our very passionate customer base.

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