Canine Butcher Shop Jumbo Beef Trachea Dog Treat

Canine Butcher Shop Jumbo Beef Trachea Dog Treat

Canine Butcher Shop

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All natural USA beef trachea;Beef trachea from USA bull & steer


We use the same practices and techniques in our dog chew operation to make the highest quality, wholesome dog chews possible. Our raw materials are tested for quality and 100% natural, with no added salt, sugar, flavors, preservatives, or coloring. Our products are made to satisfy dogs’ natural urge to chew, while cleaning teeth and gums. All products are handmade. Our chews have zero additives and will satisfy your dog’s desire to bite and chew. With either one or two natural ingredients, our unique variety offers a gratifying taste during any chew-session.


  • While other brands share sources, our materials are locally sourced from human snack food production and batched-tested for quality in our USDA approved facility.
  • At Canine Butcher Shop, we separate ourselves from other dog chew brands because we manufacturer our own products. Our steer pizzle is not dried until the urethra is properly removed
  • This ensures there is never any urine odor in our steer stick products and our ers and their dogs will never experience


  • Size: 10 in.