Canine Butcher Shop 10" Bully In A Blanket Dog Treat

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Pure USA 10" inch steer pizzle wrapped in 100% USA rawhide.

  • ONLY TWO INGREDIENTS - Bully Stick & Beef Collagen. For more than 20 years we have used ZERO additives (no salt, sugar, flavors, coloring, or preservatives) creating our own products, where they are always made in our dedicated facility in Chicago, IL. Our materials are ALWAYS sourced in the US and are batch-tested for quality.
  • Our rawhide is made of beef collagen, an essential protein for mammals, that strengthens teeth, bones, joints, nails & hair, and ligaments & tendons. Loaded with cartilage for a long-lasting chew. Steer sticks are high in protein and a complete source of amino acids that supports your dog’s skin, nails, muscles, brain and coat.
  • Our Butcher specializes in creating LOCALLY SOURCED & NATURALLY DRIED canine pork and beef products and takes great pride in his Bully in a Blanket dog chews.
  • At Canine Butcher Shop, we separate ourselves from other dog chew brands because we manufacturer our own products, creating the highest-quality dog chews that satisfy the urge to chew and clean teeth and gums.