Weruva Classic Canned Cat Food
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Weruva Classic Canned Cat Food

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Weruva Grain-Free Canned Cat Food

  • Grain-free and gluten-free
  • Made from the finest quality fish, meat & veggies
  • Delicious shredded meats in hydrating, nourishing gravy
  • Eleven unique flavors for satisfying even the finickiest felines
  • Give your cat the delicious, quality diet he deserves with Weruva Grain-Free Canned Cat Food.

Available as 3 oz or 5.5 oz singles or cases of 24 in eleven unique flavors:

Created by cat lovers for cat lovers, Weruva Grain-Free Canned Cat Food is truly some of the most unique, delicious cat foods on the market.

Starting with only the highest quality, human grade ingredients available, Weruva Grain-Free Canned Cat Food shredded meat diets are produced in a plant that follows the strictest quality control standards. The end result is a truly fantastic line of grain-free and gluten-free, all natural feasts that will have your feline friend coming back for more time and again.

Using only wild-caught, dolphin safe seafood proteins and all natural poultry and beef proteins, Weruva Grain-Free Canned Cat Food feature an appealing texture, nutrient dense veggies, and a hydrating, nourishing gravy that's sure to please even the finikiest feline. Plus, with eleven unique, satisfying flavors, rotational feeding is not a chore, it's a delight!

Asian Fusion with Tuna and Shirasu in Aspic
Combining to delicious fish proteins, this Pacific treat features red meat tuna and shirasu, a baby anchovy that is a traditional part of Japanese cuisine. These two fish are wild-caught, dolphin safe, and packed with the Omega fatty acids and irresistible taste & aroma your cat loves.

Weruva Grain-Free Canned Asian Fusion Cat Food
Grandma's Chicken Soup with Chicken and Pumpkin
The ultimate comfort food for your cat, this soupy recipe is packed with home cooked boneless, skinless, white breast chicken and plenty of nutrient dense veggies, including stomach easing pumpkins. All of the chicken is cage free and free of any added hormones. These are all served in a delicious, hydrating gravy.

Weruva Grain-Free Canned Grandma's Chicken Soup Cat Food
Green Eggs and Chicken with Chicken, Egg and Greens in Gravy
It's time to get the cat out of the hat and into a plate full of boneless, skinless, white breast chicken with plenty of green veggies and tons of delicious, hydrating gravy. Added to these are bits of protein rich egg that add plenty of palatability, whether it's breakfast or dinner. And don't forget: the chicken is cage-free and has no added antibiotics or hormones.

Weruva Grain-Free Canned Green Eggs & Chicken Cat Food
Mack and Jack with Mackerel and Grilled Skipjack in Aspic
The dynamic duo of skipjack tuna and mackerel combine to give your cat an amazingly delicious, unbelievable healthy helping of Omega-3 essential fatty acids. Both fish proteins are dolphin safe and wild caught, giving your cat the irresistible, aromatic taste he loves in a texture enhancing aspic.

Weruva Grain-Free Canned Mack and Jack Cat Food
Marbella Paella with Mackerel and Shrimp in Aspic
Give your cat the taste of Spain with this delicious paella mix of mackerel flakes, whole calamari, baby shrimp and mussels. Your cat will be saying meowy bien when he's enjoying this festive seafood mix that features just the right texture of flaky fish and meaty seafood, all served in a texture enhancing aspic.

Weruva Grain-Free Canned Marbella Paella Cat Food
Meow Luau with Mackerel and Pumpkin
Enjoying a taste of the islands has never been easier thanks to this fish and vegetable loaded meal. Complete with plenty of delicious, omega-3 fatty acid rich mackerel flakes and digestion aiding pumpkin, this hydrating, grain-free meal will have your cat hula dancing to every meal.

Weruva Grain-Free Canned Meow Luau Cat Food
Mideast Feast with Grilled Tilapia in Gravy
Packed with delicious tilapia, the fish of the pharaohs, your cat will feel right at home devouring the Egyptian delight. Rounded out with whole meat tuna, this omega fatty acid rich feast is completely grain-free and made from dolphin safe, wild caught fish. It is served in a rich, hydrating gravy that not only enhances nutrition, but texture as well.

Weruva Grain-Free Canned Mideast Feast Cat Food
Nine Liver with Chicken and Chicken Liver in Gravy
Packed with the poultry your cat loves, this recipe not only contains delicious boneless, skinless, white breast chicken meat, but also features plenty of nutrient dense chunks of chicken liver, all from cage free sources that feature no added hormones or antibiotics. All of this meat is served in a delicious, hydrating gravy.

Weruva Grain-Free Canned Nine Liver Cat Food
Outback Grill with Trevally and Barramundi in Aspic
It may be from down under, but this seafood mix is sure to go to the top of your cats list! Featuring wild caught, dolphin safe barramundi, an Australian sea bass, and trevally, a reef dwelling fish, this omega fatty acid and protein rich meal has chunks of delicious fish and is served in a texture enhancing aspic.

Weruva Grain-Free Canned Outback Grill Cat Food
Paw Lickin' Chicken with Chicken in Gravy
Packed with the chicken that your cat loves, hold the veggies and grains, this feast is protein packed. Featuring shredded, boneless, skinless white breast meat that's raised cage free and without added hormones or antibiotics, this meaty dish is swimming in a rich, savory, hydrating gravy that every cat will love.

Weruva Grain-Free Canned Paw Lickin' Chicken Cat Food
Polynesian BBQ with Grilled Red Bigeye in Aspic
Made with a unique, whole meat tuna called a red bigeye, this protein rich, delicious seafood meal is dolphin safe and made from wild caught tuna as well as sardines. Featuring the chunky, meaty texture and aromatic flavor that cats love, this certifiable seafood stew is served in aspic, enhancing its nutrition and texture.