Our story

Paw Naturals started as an online store by Jami Ippolito in 2007. Jami's inspiration came from the major pet food recall of 2007, where many pets died as a result of big brand pet foods produced in China being tainted with melamine

As she researched and learned about inferior ingredients in pet food and the many problems they cause, she decided to make it her mission to educate others and offer a selection of products that are made in the USA, with only real food ingredients.
And with that, www.PawNaturals.com was born.

Over time, more products became available, and the passion for what she did grew to yet another inspiration...opening a retail store.

As the store evolved, Jami realized that any customers she recommended a raw diet for, were thriving and in many cases reversing whatever ailment they came in for. So she sought out many of the emerging/cutting edge raw brands and now boasts the largest selection of raw pet food in Chicago.

The vision of the retail store was a place that pet owners could go to not only find healthy pet foods but also a place to educate and communicate directly with customers.

And because of our incredible customers we've served since 2007, we've been doing just that.

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Smartbones Twists Chew Treat for Dogs 50pk

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