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                They bring happiness, comfort, love, and lightness into our lives. They’re called “man’s best friend” for a reason. But our goal—like yours—is to be “dog’s best friend.” We do this by making things dogs love. You know, anything that goes along with jumping, running, chewing, napping, cuddling, and playing. And we want the fun to go on... and on.

                That’s why we guarantee every product. We’ll replace or refund any product that doesn’t live up to your customers’ standards. We also care about how we make the things dogs love. After all, we want our best friends to be safe and healthy. We make everything ourselves—in our own factory—so we know what goes into every product.

                Beyond dogs, we care about people and the planet too. We’re eco-friendly in our materials and manufacturing choices and people-friendly in our business choices. It’s not easy being dog’s best friend, but, it’s worth it.

                We’re West Paw, a proud certified B Corp™ company in Bozeman, Montana, USA, and #DogsBestFriend.

                West Paw Design (15)

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                West Paw Design Spring Chicken Dog Toy


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                West Paw Design Strolls Leash with Comfort Grip


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                West Paw Design Strolls Leash


                West Paw Design Jaunts Collar


                West Paw Design Strolls Collar


                West Paw Design Small Emerald Modern Floral Small Pillow Bed


                West Paw Design Medium Cobalt Modern Floral Pillow Bed

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