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Heirloom Pets Paws & Reflect- Hemp, Beef and Sweet Potato Bone Broth, 16 oz. Pouch

Heirloom Pets Paws & Reflect- Hemp, Beef and Sweet Potato Bone Broth, 16 oz. Pouch

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Paws & Reflect - for Cats and Dogs. Enhances bone and joint health. Helps keep your pet calm and relaxed. Contains 90 mg of water soluble broad spectrum hemp. 16...

Heirloom Pet Products

Their Story:

Welcome to Heirloom Pet Products! We are animal lovers and proud pet parents. And if you’re on this site, we are guessing you are too. We love the joy of wagging tails, wet kisses and sweet snuggles. And we celebrate the mischievous moments, even when they include chewed shoes, missing socks, and fur-covered … everything.

Our four-legged family members deserve the best and we’re always looking for new ways to provide it for them.

When natural wellness options became more widely available for humans, they also rose in popularity for our pets. We were intrigued by the benefits of hemp.

The idea of being able to give our pets comfort during stressful moments was invaluable. The products on the market at that time were all oil-based. And of course we wanted to try them – we love trying new things!

The dream of these products vs. the reality turned out to be more of a challenge than we expected. Giving our dogs oils in droppers somehow resulted in half the product ending up on the floor or all over their faces; our hard-earned money along with it.

As we learned more about the way oil-based formulations worked, we realized it could take up to an hour for these products to take effect! This was not going to work for our busy lives when we were trying to calm our dogs down before a vet visit or running out the door for work, leaving our stressed pets behind.

We wanted to be assured that when we left the house, our pets had quick relief from their anxiety. In talking with pet parents across the country, we learned we were not alone in our frustrations about product efficiency – with absorption rates as well as ease of administering.

The questions we asked ourselves were: How can we do better? How can we create a product we can confidently give to our pets for stress relief?

From this personal challenge stemmed a long research and development journey with advisors, veterinarians and pet food experts. The solution boiled down to this: dogs bodies consist of nearly 80% water and cats, about 67%. And oil and water don’t mix!

That was our aha moment. Water Soluble Hemp was the answer …. organically-grown, Water Soluble Broad Spectrum Hemp, to be really specific. It is hemp technology innovated.

And guess what? Our formulation takes under 10 minutes to start working for your pet. We don’t want our pets to have to wait and neither should you. This is a win-win for everyone’s anxiety!

We take so much pride in being able to offer you delicious and easy-to-use solutions for the daily maintenance of your pets’ situational anxiety – think road trips, vet visits, separation anxiety.

We are proud to share our line of products with you and your pets. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality product available so you can continue providing your pet with the best quality of life and focus on the things that matter most to you.

Heirloom Pets is backed by a team of Advisors, Veterinarians and Pet Food experts who offer best-in-class resources and guidance. Our ingredients and partners are GMP- and SQF-certified, and we work closely with the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) to make sure our labels are clear and in compliance with guidelines.