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One type of toy that cats can't seem to turn down are cat chaser and teaser toys. Cat teaser toys are a great way to keep your cat happy, alert and active. Teaser toys tease your cat into play by looking like their natural pray or by stimulating them with quick darting movements. Feather teaser toys are great because your cat can play with them on their own as well. The best cat teaser toy for your cat depends on their personal preference. Your cat may prefer the feel of feathers, or noisemaking cat toys. Some top cat teaser toy brands are KONG, Cat Dancer, SmartyKat and Ethical Pet. Teaser toys typically work by attaching a toy to the end of a long stick with string. This allows you to whip the toy around and bounce it in front of your kitty's paws as she jumps and dances to try to catch her pray. Catnip toys work especially well. Find top teaser toys for your cuddly kitty at Paw Naturals, and make sure your feline friend has the very best in pet play. You can make playtime fun for your creative kitty with interactive cat toys that satisfy her interests. A cat scratcher helps curb your kitty's natural need to scratch, saving your home's furnishings in the process. Cat toy balls and chasers are great for the cat who embraces the primal need to hunt and chase. Plush cat toys are great for the kitty who likes to cuddle to relax, relieve stress and anxiety, and interactive toys help stimulate your feline friend's mind. For the best cat toys and other great products like cat costumes, cat collars, cat carriers or a convenient cat door, you can rely at Paw Naturals.
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