Featured Toy of the Week: Simply Fido

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From start to finish, Simply Fido is committed to supplying pet owners with quality products that are safe and responsibly made. Simply Fido puts you, your pet and the planet first by using organic cotton, low-impact dyes and certified non-toxic materials in all of their toys. This company holds itself to the highest standards of product safety and if that weren't enough, you can browse the entire list of their product safety certifications on their website www.simplyfido.com. Simply Fido uses only organic cotton in the production of their toys because did you know? One third of the world's pesticides are used on cotton crops alone. The cotton plant absorbs these harmful chemicals which also end up in our air, water and food supply. 

We love Simply Fido because of their commitment to keep the planet healthy by employing the following health/safety practices:

  • They use only organically grown cotton seeds which are untreated, non-GMO and are farmed without the use of harmful pesticides and insecticides. 
  • They use low-impact dyes. This dye process uses less water and generates much less waste and contamination. Low impact dyes do not contain toxic chemicals and they require low temperatures during productions, which saves energy needed to heat the dyes.
  • They soften their cotton-based toys naturally with soybeans, not petroleum based products. 
  • They submit their toys for testing by several third party organizations to ensure that their products are clean, safe and responsibly made. How's that for quality control?

We know there are many choices when it comes to picking out the right toy for your dog or cat. Paw Naturals stands behind every brand we carry and vet them carefully with the health of your pet and the planet in mind. We hope you can stand behind Simply Fido too! Check out our collection here

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